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11 February 2019Women Behind the Lens
14 January 2019Constable - The Father of Modern Painting
10 December 2018In The Kingdom of the Sweets (all about The Nutcracker)
12 November 2018The King’s New Armour: A Renaissance Art-Form in England
08 October 2018Hadrian Man of Mystery
10 September 2018Dame Zaha Hadid

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Women Behind the Lens Brian Stater Monday 11 February 2019

The work of women photographers has often been unfairly neglected.  This lecture seeks to correct that by examining the contribution of three outstanding British practitioners:

Julia Margaret Cameron, a Victorian pioneer; Jane Bown, a brilliant portraitist; and Fay Godwin, who excelled in landscape photography.  We also explore the works of two highly influential Americans: Dorothea Lange, who produced brilliant documentary images, and Annie Leibovitz, who continues to both surprise and delight her audience.

Brian Stater has taught at University College London since 1997.  He is a member of the Association for Historical and Fine Art Photography and an exhibition of his own photographs has been staged at UCL. In an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of the skills of some great photographers of the past, he works with a pre-War Leica camera.